Hearthstone Finishes 5-2 In Tespa Group Stage

Hearthstone Finishes 5-2 In Tespa Group Stage

Hearthstone, a multiplayer collectible card video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, is one of five esports titles in which the Ashland University Esports team competes. Ashland University Hearthstone competes in the Tespa Collegiate Championship, the official collegiate esports circuit hosted by Blizzard Entertainment.

The Ashland University Hearthstone starting lineup features sophomore Mason Savoia, sophomore Chase Carrico and freshman Maverick Duncan.

In the fall season Ashland competed against regional contenders Ohio University, Beloit College and University of St. Thomas. Starting in swiss-format, the Eagles lost their first two contests before winning out and qualifying for regionals. The finished with a 5-2 overall record.

At regionals Ashland competed against new and familiar faces including Miami University of Ohio, University of Toledo, Ohio University, and University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Despite playing several close series, Ashland was unable to qualify for regional playoffs.

Ashland University Hearthstone will be competing in the Tespa Collegiate Championship Varsity Tournament on Feb. 1, 2019.

Tespa Collegiate Championship - Swiss Group Stage

Ashland 2-3 University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Ashland 1-3 University of St. Thomas

Ashland 3-0 Ohio University

Ashland 3-0 Luther College

Ashland 3-2 Beloit College

Ashland 3-1 Iowa State University

Ashland 3-2 Nipissing University

Tespa Collegiate Championship - Regionals

Ashland 1-3 Miami University of Ohio

Ashland 3-0 University of Toledo

Ashland 1-3 Ohio University

Ashland 2-3 University of Ontario Institute of Technology